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Stopped by bank to make deposit. Bank wasn't open yet, so I waited on parking lot. Bank employee came and told me to get off the lot. I explained I was just waiting for them to open. She said it was bank policy I could not park on the lot. Well, I was unaware of this policy and I am sure others don't know of the policy. So I moved. When I come back and go in to make my deposit (and it was a large deposit), I mentioned to the clerk, how rude the... Read more

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Their system is down as usual and I could not deposit money in my account so I could use uber to go to work..this is the third time this has happened and I also wanted to deposit money so I don't get hit with overdraft fees but this bank system is either ALWAYS DOWN OR ALWAYS UPDATING AND THEY OFFER LOVE PEOPLE TO TALK TO WHEN YOU GET HIT WITH A AUMATED VOICE. BBT DOES NOT CARE FOR OR ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS PERIOD NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL AND I... Read more

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8 dollar charge to cash a check to they know is good ,because you are not a member of this wonder only one customer in there when i went in .it should be against the law to steal money from consumers

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Do not bank with BB&T! Someone hacked into my Visa check card and BB&T charged me five dollars to replace the card, even though I had the old card. I did not loose it, nor did it get stolen. And they changed me a phone charge just to talk with them about the fraudulent charge on my account. So, someone tries to steal my money, and I get charged for it! What kind of business practice is that! I am definitely going to another bank or credit union! Read more

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A wait time of 19 minutes to get a human being on the phone is just RIDICULOUS. I couldn't on-line banking help, and I couldn't customer service on the phone. 19 MINUTES! WOW. That is completely unacceptable. I only wanted to know whether a family member had deposited a gift check from me. I've had that account for quite some time, I don't use that very often, although quite a bit of money is in it. I didn't realize just how bad the customer... Read more

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On May 2, 2016, we made a deposit of $511.65 ($433.24 cash, $78.41 check) into our BB&T business account in Peachtree City, Georgia. Around May 5, we received an account adjustment letter notifying us that a debit of $20.00 had been made to the account due to “an error in addition in your deposit”. Note that the deposit was counted in front of Bobby, my husband, and although he was not given a receipt stamped with the amount at that time, we... Read more

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I opened my accounts at BB&T years ago. Currently I don't reside in US. Thanks to the email notification and alert systems, I noticed that since some time ago the bank withdraws money from my savings account or any other kind of account and every time I ask why, they simply get me dizzy with nonsense or they never reply to my emails (which seems to be the preferred communication way for the bank's comfort). I'm being taken about $23 a month and... Read more

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I knew this young lady Katelyn from the days when she worked at the local wal-mart. Seen Katelyn on Christmas Eve at wal-mart. Went up to her to say hi to her. She introduces me to her classmate. I then asked her why she was wearing a heavy sweater on a day in the 70's. She told me they had an ugly sweater contest at the bank she worked at. This is when she said something about opening accouts at bb&t. She was like come on you know me I will... Read more

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I have been banking with BB&T for years and anytime i have had overdraft charges i pay with no complaints. Recently i had some pending charges on my account and even after calling the automated service i had no idea they were pending. The overdraft charges total a little over 10.00 and this CRAZY BANK charged me 108.00 dollars in overdraft charges. Of course i call and they were not helpful at all. Im closing my accounts and going somewhere... Read more

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I am so seriously disappointed with BB&T. After a number of issues that I won't go into here, they are now charging my joint account with a family member who is on Medicaid in nursing home $7.95 a month for Quicken. I do not have Quicken and have never, ever had Quicken nor downloaded anything from BB&T (or anywhere eels) to Quicken. Their 5 business days to respond (after multiple complaints) was yesterday, no response. It took them forever... Read more

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