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For 4/1/2015 to 6/30/2015 period BBT Activities: There was service charge for any account. My Argument: when I signed contract with Citi bank, my accounts were set up with no service charges. During this period, BBT abided the contract I had signed with Citi bank. At 6/30/15 My request: I made request to transfer all money from my “Business Money Rate Savings” account to “Business Value 200 Checking” account and close “Business Money Rate... Read more

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I have a Home Equity Line on my house with BBT. The monthly payment is due on the 2nd of each month. I paid my September payment on the 9th online at bbt (had some money shuffling- never has been late). I paid the amount showing due ($513.32). On Sept. 20th, I get a call saying my payment was $70 short. The rep couldn't tell me what it was for...I asked if it was a late payment, he said that it was not. He said that it was part of the... Read more

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I put some money in the AMT machine and did not know you had to do it by 10 o'clock that night or else it would not post until the next day and I had a bill due they should have told me this when I open my account that same day this is my money having the f*** BB&T go hold me hold my money this is some petty s*** just because I got in at 11 o'clock that night they're going to hold my money if I get an overdraft fee I'm not going to pay it Read more

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I couldn't believe it when I went to my local BB&T branch on Wednesday October 5th only to find it closed. Sign on the door said it was ddue to Governor's mandatory evacuation order. First of all the evacuation order was for Zone A and the bank is in Zone C. In addition the storm has never been predicted to be in the area before Saturday. All this happened without any notice and showed no concern for their faithful customers. Read more

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My husband has been out of work for over 10 weeks due to a back injury. We have been fighting with CIGNA to get his short term disability and have finally taken a loan from his 401K. I deposited it Monday a week ago and when I called to find out why the funds had not been released I was told they were holding it because it was company policy to hold them for 7 working days and it would be released at midnight so "haha" I guess it is... Read more

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I purposefully made a trip to the bank to arrange, place my accounts so that I would never get charged banking fees. After two months of accruing $400.00 in fees I stopped at my bank to discuss this and was told that the Manager was promoted and a bank manager was not available.(they didn't have one) I called customer service and they said to contact the bank that they could not help me............POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! No one cares because it... Read more

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My credit card was closed without being notified. So, I guess in BB&T's eyes not using a credit card is a bad thing. They did not have the common courtesy to notify that this was an issue prior to cancelling my card. They also refused to reopen it once it was verified that I had not received any notification that the inactivity is an issue. BB&T does not show any concern with providing quality customer service. Also in following any ethical... Read more

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BB&T is considered a large bank compared to other banks and credit unions I have worked with. Every time you want to pay just principle on your Mortgage on line you cannot do it without making a payment which would be a month or so ahead. I had 195,000 left on my mortgage and paid an addition 50,000 towards the principle, approximately 1,663 of the 50,000 was put towards the next payment. You cannot just pay principle without calling and... Read more

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We got a letter from Mark Spivey who is the account manager for BB&t from mobile alabama, Stating our account is now closed. He gave no reason. We have been a customer for about 10 years and run a small business . He never gave no reason for closing our account. We deposit cash and checks into our account . We know they don't like cash We think that he has a third party interest for the reason for closing our account. We showed the letter to the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 01
  • #911684

Bb&t bank . We bank wit them for 10 years with our business account, we got a letter today stating for no reason to cancel our account. Anyone have this problem?

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