Lillington, North Carolina

Beware of BB&T.I have an acct.

with 300.00 in it. It is checkings. They just charged me 10.00 for a "maintenance fee" !! Take your money out of these big mega banks ASAP !!

They think they are above the law ---- and at this point, they probably are. Join a credit union or keep your cash yourself. They are not paying me one cent in interest and have the gall to steal what little money I have in there. As if they didnt get enough in the bailouts !!

Greed will kill this bank ....if not the entire paradigm.

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Gulf Shores, Alabama, United States #1275038

They took my money as well to and always leaving me in the negative and make me pay more money just to keep my account. Smh sad


I just got charge an ACTIVITY FEE. What the heck is that. GREED

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #927878

I just found out $5 maintenance fee has been taken out for the last three months.When I opened it, I came to American as an exchange student, so I guess they opened it thinking that I wouldn't know.

That's about $250 total. Why does a checking account need "maintenance fee"?

They said no error, so no refund.I'm done with this bank.

North Chicago, Illinois, United States #878119

Im so upset, My account was a home town bank before I joined the Navy and BB&T bought them out I was like ok I'll keep my student loans through them.Had an allotment that add 5 dollars over the loan payment that came out of the account every month.

This last month they tried to charge me a $36 overdraft fee! I wouldn't of known if my mother didn't call and tell me they sent me a letter. I look at the account and see they been charging me $10-$12 since last February. I was pissed I didn't know and was never told.

I should of kept an eye on the account sure but I still feel like they just started steeling from me. I'm closing the account but they charge $3 to transfer MY money to another bank. So my credit union is going to pay part of my credit card with the remaining balance on this joke of a bank.

I will close ASAP.So pissed!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #703630

OK, first of all banks are just a BUSINESS, guess what? BUSINESSES have to make money! Imagine that LOL. They provide a service, you must pay for that service. When you go to work do you work for FREE? I bet not. BB&T employees more than 30,000 people, they have more than 1,800 branches. It takes money to keep all that going, anyone who understands basic economics knows this.

Let me repeat again banks are BUSINESSES! they do not work for FREE folks!

People complain about a $10 fee on their account however it is very easy to qualify for a 100% maintenance free account. All you need is a $500 monthly direct deposit, auto loan or mortgage.

Times are changing, everyone must take responsibility and learn to manage their accounts correctly. Banks are not babysitters, stop complaining and start taking responsibility for your finances.

REMEMBER commercial banks are not NON PROFIT CORPORATIONS they are for profit. They have share holders who demand strong returns, guess how we create strong returns? we MAKE MONEY! WOW, interested concept right.

Tomorrow tell your boss you will just work for free. See how many bills you can pay working for free. As far as the bail outs go BB&T was forced to take a certain amount. All the large banks were forced to take a certain amount. BB&T was the first bank to pay it back, the fact is they did not need it. They do not participate in all the risky NY stock trading like the other large banks....

BB&T has been in business for 142 years, so they know what they are doing folks.

Most people don't realize that many smaller banks and credit unions are trying to duplicate BB&T's model for success. They are very respected in the financial arena.

I am a BB&T customer and would choose them any day over Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Credit Unions are great but they are not FDIC insured. Commercial banks pay for FDIC insurance. Credit unions have special guidelines and different rules according to the state they reside in.

Instead of complaining about fees, learn the business then you will understand why PROFIT is necessary.

Remember banks provide a service, you must pay for their services. Its not FREE anymore, nothing else! :)

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to mrbusinessman #987365

Hey jabroni, stop treating these folks like they are idiots.They are fully aware that banks are business' Sometimes, $10, $5, even $1 is a huge difference between being able to eat, or paying a bill instead.

Check all the banks lawsuits (not just BB&T). They do over do the fees, and for what? Half of them literally are not doing anything. An average person wants to know that they can trust a business, and when there are hidden fees, you can trust them for ***.

So, how about you get off your high horse and understand that a lot of people out there are not as well off as you are making yourself out to be. A lot of people live pay check to pay check. ***, I do.

You may assume that I'm not educated, but I assure you I'm a college graduate.So, by all means, take your assumptions and shove them.

to mrbusinessman #1013671

Banks use your money to invest = your interest rates when you get loan to buy a house, a car, or etc.dont they?

its silly to say that Banks need to cahrge more $ to pay for their employees.

Bankers are NOT *** PEOPLE whose take your money and pile them up and do nothing with it.

have you ever heard, If you want to rob a bank, own one?

do you think that all of your money still in your bank untouched???

If we all go to our banks and withdraw everything, do you think that they will have at least HALF for everyone? Banks are in trouble because of their bad investments.

PERIOD.They dont need to charge people any $, because they're loaning our $$$$ to invest.

to mrbusinessman Monterey, California, United States #1077773

Give me all your money, and I will give you 1% without any 'service' fee. It's ridiculous they charge it and it's clear, because not all banks do it. Even BB&T waives it if you have a loan through them or do the $500 allotment, so what does that mean??

to mrbusinessman #1369565

Banks used to make their profits by providing their "services" through the form of loans and interest, not stealing from their clients accounts troll.

Wasilla, Alaska, United States #660182

it seems some services in this system cost you know how many employees work at the bank to maintain many small amounts of money, most of which don't offer the bank much profit potential.

you have to be useful to the bank in order for them to want to give you something for free. your tiny amount of money doesn't do much for them, so they have to cover the cost of serving you some how. thats why they charge fees.

just like the food at the grocery store costs money, so do other services.

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