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I had to find out the hard way that my account has been blocked by the risk management team. They are apparently in charge of fraud.

The bank just up and shut off my access. My family and I went to a restaurant and had our card declined today. I had just made a deposit of a very significant amount yesterday. My husband just made another decent deposit today.

I checked my balance while sitting in the restaurant. All the money is accounted for. It is posted. I called customer service.

They asked me if I had reported any problems on the account. I said no. They asked are you sure? Of course I am sure.

It's my darn account! No one knows why my account has been blocked. No one is available to talk to. I am told I must wait until Tuesday.

I said this is not acceptable. I have 4 kids and running around to do. I need to talk to someone. I was then put on with the manager.

She was no help whatsoever. No one can help me because the department is not in. I have to wait until Tuesday. Ridiculous.

Why was I not called? Why was I not notified when I made my deposits?? Come Tuesday, I will go into my branch to my banker.

I am taking my money out of not only my personal account, but out of my business account as well. You will be losing a great customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bbt Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1270980

Banks rely on both computer algorithms and human interaction to identify many types of "suspicious" activity. When both agree there might be a problem, your account is suspended until the suspicions are resolved.

Apparently, something triggered an alarm with subsequent suspension. You should do the following: go to the bank, complain and then if you don't like their attitude or answer, close the account and go to another bank. However, you should find a bank that doesn't close down for a silly holiday like this coming monday and also always ensure you have a few hundred dollars in cash on you instead of relying on electronic payments like a credit/debit card, etc.

That reliance can be not only frustrating, but dangerous when the system goes down and you can only pay with cash. While I "feel your pain" you had no backup plan and that's not good.

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