After a year or so of ridiculous fees and terrible customer service we decided to leave BB&T in 2009. We transferred our funds to SunTrust and my husband went into the branch to close out the accounts.

That should have been the end... but it wasn't. We got a phone call about a certified letter that arrived at my inlaws saying that we owed BB&T money. When I went online I found out that they had closed our checking and savings and had left the "constant credit" for overdrafts open.

Now they are saying we owe them $700 in fees for a line of credit that I had no idea we even had... not to mention that we never used it after we closed our other accounts. It is a little difficult to run up fees on overdraft IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CHECKING ACCOUNT. They maintain that we still owe the money and we are trying to figure out how to fight it.

So this is a warning to people trying to leave this morally bankrupt institution. They will try and ***.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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