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I feel that I have been a victim of BB&T since they changed their deposit policies back in April 2008. I have had my checking account with them for 11 years and am being treated like ***. They are holding regular deposits for a day and a half! Not only that, here is the kicker – One Thursday afternoon I was out of gas so I put $20 in my car. First thing Friday morning, I deposit CASH into my account to cover the gas charges. Cash post immediately is what I was told, and even the first $100 dollars if it’s a check. Sounds good, right? Well, the gas charge posted Friday at midnight and I was hit with an overdraft fee! WTF!!! I called them first thing Monday and it was explained to me that even though the cash was in there, it does not post immediately. (even though I could withdraw it from the ATM if I wanted to.) Oh, and they couldn’t refund your NSF fee either.

Can we get a class action law suit started here? I know I’m not the only one being victimized by BB&T with their unethical banking practices.

Review about: Bbt Bank Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $800.


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Yes I'm in.BB&T said they could now opt us out on a business account, but failed to do so.

A month later $800. in fees???? Bank said that they took it off the personal account, not the business account. I went to stop the business account overdraft, in the first place?

The personal account never had overdraft.... we opted out when we opened it.

The business account "didn't have the option to opt out" when we opened it, so we went and spoke to them.They said now we could?????

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I would gladly take part as well!!On a Thursday my hubby and I do our casual depositing his check into the account.EVERY THURSDAY!!!

This particular Thursday, the lady must have put her underwear on backwards or something. We went to deposit it and she says she cant do so. We've been doing this for a long time. I ask why?

bc we've been depositing his payroll for months.The lady tells me that she doesn't have to answer to me and that "did you not hear me? I said I can't". I get mad and am asking why and she is being rude and yes I am demanding why? SHe then shuts the blinds and calls the cops on me.

I later get ahold of a Service Leader in the area for BB&T and he tells me its fine to do so. So the next week I deposit my husbands check on a Thursday and they once again give us a hard time.I called the Service Leader again and he tells me that they have to take my check. Well they did. A week later I get a letter in the mail that they are closing my accounts?

seriously? what a corrupt sorry excuse for a customer service!!!!!

BB&T you are the worst bank ever!!!thieves is what its called!


Yes BBT SUCKS their on-line banking is never right from midnight to 7 in the morning.Also any errors with there on-line banking they don’t consider banking error.

They state that their on-line banking is only a tool to help with your account and is not always correct. I wish they told me this before I opened my accounts. Also there is no clear rime or reason to how they prosses their deposits and withdraws. How do they stay in business this way.

Calling them is just as confusing, you can tell they have been programmed to avoid helping with fees. The real bad thing is their fees cause more fees there has to be a better way. I've never seen such a thing I'm sure I need to just close the account as fast as I can. But what a pain this is also.

I just wish I never went there in the first place.If you are thinking about banking there save yourself and pick any other place.


Im confused as to how a bank is "taking advantage of people" when a its systematically processed.Things are done in an order.

WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU SPEND. There is noone sitting there pushing a button causing these fees. If you have to get gas USE THE CASH YOU HAD - no fee for that.

If an 80 yr old woman is getting fees, maybe she isn't keeping track of her account.Stop blaming the world for your irresponsibility.


I've been with BB&T since June 2010, Emmediately startjng in july 2010 sonn started getting overdraft fees over and over.On top of that i seen fees of $30,00 the 50 and others plus double overdraft on some checks.Actually i am doing this for my mom because i didnt know this was going on so long, But i just looked at everything and as of this year tothrogh july she was charged almost $2.000 dollars 315 was overdraft and rest fees they were able to add.Yes i wish we coud sue the XXXX out of them , They took advantage og my mother and sister, Shes in her early 80s.

PLease lets get this out I believe the owner is a crook and they are scamming people out of their hard earned money, Please let me know if someone knows what we can do?

I will check back soon to get a response, My mon as of August 2011 had her check sent to our house and she changed banks, She still has a $10,00 left in BBT because she hasnt canceled them yet not sure why but she will, I got a link i might come back with i believe it was the owner of BBT posting a comment and i believe if you read it you would agree like me he sounds nuts.Will come back with link or try posting it but its sorta long, Write back and complain we need to get these poeple, Stand up for our rights, Thank you everyone.


I would gladly take place in this lawsuit, here is my email address if something gets started:

I too have been victimized beyond belief.


I hate bb and fee!!!!They are riduculious to work with.

they have STOLEn (and i do say STOLEN money from me for months) I'm too embarassed to admit how much money they have made from me (just within this month)!!! I have talked to them about it-- THEY HOLD MONEY /DEPOSITS/CASH and post in such a way that intentionally causes overdrafts- they support/customer support staff is rude and I have had an issue that was never resolved from 11/09. I call them out on their "fees" with the new legislation that was passed and they tell me that doesn't apply to business accounts or commercial accounts---WTF!!!!I own and operate a very small business- PART if not AlL the reasons for the overdrafts to begin with is because my CREDIT CARD PROCESSING IS SLOW (2-3 days)I've tried multiple times to leave a "cushion" in my account--even have an account that it's suppost to pull from...

BUT IT DONT!!!!!I have looked into suing them but it cost so much I would be willing to join and/ or start a class action- Infact I'm getting ready to make a website just for this ***...WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK!!!!!


I looked at my 86 years old mother statement in September and realized that she had an overdraft of $140.00 in June. I know it was 2 months later but I think BB&T should have been a little bit more concern about their senior citizens accounts. When I inquired about it, I was told there was nothing they could do because they really didn't know what had happened....*** BB&T, show a little concern....




very pissed off with bbt on how they post to acounts they told me i had money when i didnt i used my online banking like a good mad bill pays and was shown that it was taken out of my account but that wasnt the case it was not out and i got hit with 4 odf on my account but if they were to post on the right day for bills and my pined card trans i would of been only 25 dollors over with one fee but nope got 4 and very rude staff wanted to close acount but to no end i need to go into a center but when is the bank open only till 4 and when do i get off is 5 i work m-s i asked if i could close over phone or mail after i bring the account to 000 balances and i couldnt the rep told me i would get a in active fee to my account and once it got very high i would be turned for a bad balance well now its at a 00 balance and i have to take time off to go handle this at the center i work for a bigger bank then bbt we close accounts over the phone wtf cant they it is the same system we use we need to have a law suit worked on bank of america i know i work for them we give back so much money each day for the same thing bbt i did all you have to do is ask for it and at no time will we be rude or we get fired bbt listen up treat customers better pls

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